Prohibited Items

There are some items which you are not allowed to send with Pass the Parcel, our suitcase and baggage shipping service, for security or customs reasons. Please be aware that, if you try to send any of them, then your order may be cancelled, and you won’t receive a refund. Once your item has been collected, it will also not be covered by our compensation arrangements. Download our PROHIBITED ITEMS LEAFLET and DECLARATION FORM 


Batteries of any kind should never be packed – and this isn’t just the portable type. Many household items contain in-built lithium batteries, such as laptops, computers, games consoles, mobile phones, and even smaller items such as calculators. These should all have their batteries removed before packing.  


Goods which contain certain types of chemicals are on the prohibited list – including adhesives, aerosols, asbestos, fire extinguishers and insecticides, plus cleaners and solvents including turpentine, bleach and chlorine. All flammable items such as phosphorous, zinc powder, plus firelighters, cigarette lighters and safety matches, and fuel, fuel containers and petrol are also banned.

Gases which are banned include compressed air and gas cylinders, butane, ethane, helium, methane and propane. Associated items such as camping stoves and scuba tanks also come into this category.

Corrosive substances are also barred. These include some paints and rust removers, dyes, acids, caustic soda and mercury. All drugs (including those which have been issued on prescription) dry ice, poisons and pesticides are all on our prohibited list too.  


Cosmetic products are also banned, so you can’t send any oils and oil-based products, such as lubricants and creams. The same applies to any nail polishes, perfumes and aftershaves. Hair dyes and colorants containing peroxides are also prohibited, because they are classified as oxidising materials and organic peroxides.

Organic Materials

You can’t send anything containing organic matter with our service. This includes animals and fish (in both cases, either dead or alive), biological samples, clinical or medical waste, human remains, plants, plus any commercial or domestic household waste. Furs and skins are also prohibited. 

Food and Drink

No alcohol, juices and other liquids should be packed. Generally speaking food should not be sent. Particularly, non-perishable items such as meat will not be accepted on our baggage service. If there is a particular item you need to send, this should be checked in advance with the country of destination.

Car Parts

Car batteries, bonnets, bumpers, air bags and windscreens are all on the banned list.

Weapons and Explosives

This includes dangerous items such as ammunition and explosives, guns and other weapons, including replicas.


Cash, cheques, credit and debit cards are all on the banned list. You are also not allowed to send any counterfeit currency.

Miscellaneous Items

Fireworks, Christmas crackers, lottery tickets, personal documents such as passports and stamps, unless they are franked, are all prohibited. You also shouldn’t send printer toner cartridges, although this applies to International Parcels only. You also can’t furniture and domestic fixtures or fittings with our service. Pornography and tobacco are also barred. 

If anything on this list is found in one of our consignments, you will face a £75 fine and there will be an additional charge for the items to be removed. There are also are a number of items which you are allowed to send with our service, but they are not eligible for our compensation cover and have to be sent at your own risk.

These include:

Fragile Items

This includes anything which could be classified as easily breakable. So any fibreglass or glass products, including bottles, bulbs, crystal items and chandeliers, fish tanks, lenses, mirrors, spectacles, windows and window frames (including Velux products) fall into this category. China or porcelain goods, such as dinner services and tea sets, crockery, pots, tiles and vases similarly won’t be covered by our insurance if they are damaged in transit. 

Valuable Items

All precious metal items, such as anything made from gold, silver, amber, diamonds and any other gemstones and jewellery, are also sent at your own risk.

Works of Art

Antiques, figurines, canvas prints, ceramics, china, framed paintings and photographs can all be sent with our service but will not be covered by our compensation arrangements.

Household Items

This includes cameras, clocks, documents and tickets (as long as they don’t contain any sensitive personal information), fishing rods, ornaments, musical instruments including guitars, microscopes and telescopes, shower screens and watches.

Electrical Items

Computers and monitors, laptops, printers and scanners, mobile phones and SIM cards, tablets, microwaves, overhead projectors and TV sets, lights and lamps (including headlights) and torches are not eligible for our compensation cover if they are sent via Pass the Parcel. Any batteries should be removed before the items are packed.

Other Materials

Anything made from concrete, marble, and any stoneware items can all be sent with us but won’t be covered by insurance. The same applies to resin-based products and detergents.

Whatever You Send…

If you do send any of the items listed above via our suitcase and baggage shipping service, please make sure they are securely wrapped, with any fragile items well protected by internal packaging. For more advice on how to pack your items, see our page on presentation and packaging


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