Removals to Switzerland – Lucerne


Removals to Switzerland – Lucerne

With its superb views and healthy lifestyle, Lucerne is typical of Switzerland. Every year it attracts tourists by the thousands and many people opt to make their stay a more permanent one.

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All About Lucerne 

Lucerne is sometimes called ‘the gateway to central Switzerland’. Sited by the lake of the same name, it is well-known for its stunning surrounding scenery as well as its own attractions within the city itself. It is just over 50km south of Zurich and 112km to the east of Bern.  The bulk of Lucerne’s workforce is employed in the service sector and, because of its low tax rates, is renowned for being business-friendly. Many people working in the financial sector undertake removals to Switzerland annually, with Lucerne being a popular destination. 

Lucerne – Looking Back in Time

Lucerne’s history goes back as far as the Roman Empire, but its size and importance only really grew from the 8th Century onwards, thanks to the influence of the Benedictine Monastery of St Leodegar. It became a city during the latter half of the 12th Century, and benefited from being on a major trade route. 

It was a strongly Catholic city throughout the centuries, but its most significant change in 2007, when the city’s electorate and those of the adjoining town of Littau voted in favour of a merger, which officially took place three years later. This meant the population of the new city, which is still called Lucerne, has risen to about 80,000.

Lucerne’s Must-see Attractions

Originally built in 1333, the Chapel Bridge (Kapellbrücke) over the River Reuss is one of Europe’s oldest covered wooden bridges and a major local landmark.  faithfully restored to its original design after a serious fire in 1993, thought to have been caused by a discarded cigarette. Inside the bridge itself are a series of 17th Century paintings telling Lucerne’s history. The bridge runs by the octagonal water tower (Wasserturn).

The Swiss Museum of Transport showcases ships and aircraft as well as trains and all forms of automobiles, and is one of the busiest museums in the country. The museum, which lies in the north-east of the city by the lake, also boasts its own IMAX cinema.

The Lucerne Culture and Congress Centre, or KKL, is a comparatively modern building which, with its imposing roof, is worth a look in its own right. The centre houses the city’s Luzerner Theatre, a concert hall and the Museum of Art and is generally home to the top arts events. However the city does also have a thriving alternative culture, mostly in and around a former tube factory known as Boa. 

Those wanting to enjoy some of the stunning scenery close up, and with a head for heights, can go on cableway excursions to the neighbouring mountains such as Pilatus, Rigi and Stanserhorn. And, of course, there is Lake Lucerne itself. You can reach it on a number of cruises, which can be by paddlewheel steamer as well as the more conventional motorboat.

Specific events you might want to catch include: the Lucerne Festival, a series of world-class classical music concerts held throughout the year; the Luzerner Fasnach, a colourful carnival staged in February; and the Fumetto International Comics Festival, a celebration of comic art usually held in April. 

Shopping in Lucerne

Considering its comparatively small size, Lucerne has plenty to offer for the discerning shopper. You will easily be able to find one of the country’s famous exports, the Swiss watch, and there are plenty of fashion stores boasting top-end brand names. Many shops also stock that other well-known export, Swiss chocolate. The main shopping areas are in the old town between Schwanenplatz and Mühlenplatz to the west, and in the new town between the railway station and Hirschengraben Street.

Eating Out in Lucerne

As many Lucerne locals prefer to make lunch their main meal of the day, you may be better off opting for a lunchtime snack and having a more substantial meal during the evening. Local favourites and specialities include cheese fondues, sausages, and potato Röstis, and for dessert you could try pear bread, a puff-pastry pudding. Prices in Lucerne, and the rest of Switzerland, can be on the high side, but the area to the south-western side of the railway station, along the Waldstätterstrasse, contains a range of modern cuisine which should suit most pockets and tastes.

Getting to Lucerne

The closest airport to Lucerne is Zurich. A direct train connection from the airport takes about an hour, but from Zurich’s main station it only takes 45 minutes, and there are half-hourly services. 

As Lucerne is so central, it is easy to reach via using the Swiss Federal Railway, with half-hourly services from Zurich and an hourly one from Berne. The train service is so good there is no regular inter-city bus service.  As the city is at the northern end of the Vierwaldstättersee, which is one of the busiest waterways in Switzerland, boat travel is a popular and convenient alternative for many. 

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