Removals to Portugal: Your Guide to the Importation of Vehicles to Portugal

Removals to Portugal - Moving Partnership provide removals to Portugal from the UK, Europe and most International destinations. If you are moving to Portugal and wish to import your car, this guide provides useful information on how to do this. Please note, this information is believed to be correct at the time of printing, but please check with the relevant authorities prior to your move date.

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Temporary Importation of Motor Vehicles into Portugal

Any EU registered motor vehicle including light goods vehicles, trailers, caravans, motor-homes and motorcycles may be brought into and kept in Portugal for a period of up to 180 days in any single calendar year, providing the following conditions are satisfied. The vehicle must be registered to a non-Portuguese resident and it can only by bought into the country by the registered owner or keeper. The vehicle must be for private use only and must only be driven by its registered owner or keeper. The owner or keeper of the vehicle must be able to produce on request, the registration documents for that vehicle.

Permanent importation of motor vehicles into Portugal

If you are moving to Portugal to live and your Portuguese home is to form your principal home address, you can import a vehicle tax free provided that the following conditions are met. The vehicle should be for private use only and the registered owner must have transferred his or her residence from another EU member state where they have been resident for at least 185 days. Also the vehicle tax must have been paid in full at the time of original purchase in the registered keeper's home country and the vehicle must have previously been used by its registered owner in his/her former country of residence for at least six months.

Vehicular importation procedure

To import a vehicle, you should make your application within 12 months of your arrival to Portugal. This application should be made to the customs office presiding over your area of planned residence.

Your application should be submitted with the following documentation: your vehicle's logbook, a certificate of compliance or Form 1402 issued by the Portuguese DVLA confirming that the vehicle has undergone an inspection, your driver's licence, evidence that you have made your application for a residence permit, your tax ID card with 3-years' tax returns or a declaration from your tax office confirming the amount of income earned in Portugal over the previous three years and an official certificate of cancellation of residence issued in your former country of residence or a certificate from the British Consulate.

The Portuguese authorities may ask for further documentation, so it is advisable to contact them for an application form, a list of the supporting documents they require and the applicable fees. Once your application has been formally submitted, the customs authorities may issue a limited-validity authorisation which will enable you to use your vehicle while the application is under consideration.
A motor vehicle imported in this way, may not be sold, loaned, pledged or hired out for a year after its importation. Also it can only be driven by its registered owners or keepers and their immediate family. Only one vehicle may be imported tax-free per person once every five years.

Motor Vehicle Documentation

Every vehicle in Portugal must be supported by the following documentation which should be available for immediate inspection
  1. An ownership registration document, issued by the Vehicle Registration Office
  2. (A vehicle registration document), issued by the Portuguese Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (PDVLA)
  3. Current road tax which can be purchased at your local tax office or selected newsagents throughout the month of June. The cost varies depending on the age and cc of the vehicle and the tax stamp, when purchased must be displayed, in the upper right hand corner of the vehicle's windscreen.
  4. Every motor vehicle on the road in Portugal must have at least third party insurance cover. When the policy is issued, your insurance company will provide you with a stamp to be displayed at the lower right-hand corner of your windscreen.
  5. Drivers ID and drivers licence

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