Five Reasons to Use Professional Packers

At The Moving Partnership, we offer customers who are ‘on the move’ the optional extra of having all their possessions packed – and unpacked – by professional experts. Here we look at five key advantages of using this service, whether you are considering house removals to the UAE, commercial removals to Scandinavia, or any other international destinations.

You’ll Protect Valuable Items

People generally don’t have the expertise or experience to pack bulky, expensive items such as furniture, white goods and other larger electronics. Another issue is how to protect fragile items like glassware and porcelain. Some of these items may have sentimental value for you, such as family heirlooms, or have a significant financial worth.

Letting the pros pack your valuable items (both big and small) will greatly reduce the risk of any damage.

You’ll Save Money

Many insurers will offer you a lower insurance premium or even extra cover for the same price if they know your belongings will be packed and unpacked professionally. Doing it yourself will also increase the risk of breakages and the cost of replacement if you are not insured.

You’ll Save Time

If you are still working and have a relatively ‘normal’ family life, then you may struggle to find the time needed to organise the move and do all the packing yourself. The same applies when you arrive at your destination – maybe you have to start work straight away, or sort out urgent paperwork associated with the move. So, even if you want to, you may not have the time to unpack and put everything where you want it.

You’ll Have Greater Peace of Mind

Moving home is widely known to be one of the most stressful experiences anyone can ever go through, greater even than divorce, having a baby, or starting a new job.

That is why you will have enough things to think about without worrying about packing and unpacking. This is especially true if you are moving to another country. Reducing worry applies not just to the big day itself, but also the run-up to it.

You’ll be Less Likely to Injure Yourself

How often do you move really heavy objects like sofas, cupboards and washing machines? The answer is probably ‘not very often’. Even if you are reasonably fit, you might not know the techniques you can use to reduce the strain on your back and other muscles.

If you already have a pre-existing medical condition which makes heavy lifting diffficult, such as arthritis, then there is even more reason to use professional packers.

Packing and Unpacking Services from The Moving Partnership

The Moving Partnership offer full packing and unpacking services for moves in the UK and abroad – including house removals to the UAE, Australia, New Zealand and other international destinations. We also help a lot of people and companies move to Europe, including the Scandinavian countries, France, Germany, and Italy.

Our trained staff will expertly pack your belongings, taking care of every item – especially the fragile ones. All of the boxes will be filled with the maximum number of items, without compromising on safety. This will minimise the number of boxes you will need as well as the space required in removal vehicles.

We use high-quality packing materials, including cartons of varying sizes, (for specific purposes, such as wardrobe cartons and sofa and mattress bags), bubble wrap, and tape.

If you have not decided what items to take with you yet or you are stuck in a property chain, we also offer short and long-term storage options.

If you would like to know more, follow this link or call us on 0800 772 3709.