Five Key Advantages of Suitcase Shipping for Students

Two of the most stressful days for students come at the beginning and end of term – and they have nothing to do with exams. Transporting all your luggage from home to college, and vice versa, is a challenge for everyone - particularly if the two places are a long distance apart.

The Moving Partnership offers a high-quality, competitively-priced suitcase shipping service across the UK and worldwide, called Pass the Parcel. Here we look at five of the key reasons why it is particularly useful for students.

It Makes Travel Easier

Students often have long distances to travel to their college or university, within the UK as well as from or to another country. A day of travel on public transport, either by air, rail or road, is stressful enough without the added burden of having loads of bags and suitcases to carry. Pass the Parcel can take the stress out of it for you by delivering all your boxes and cases to your hall of residence or student house so they are there waiting for you when you arrive.

You Will Save Time and Money

Using our Pass the Parcel Service avoids the anxious waiting for your luggage to come through on the airport conveyor belt. You also won’t have to worry about facing any financial penalties from an airline if you have too many bags. And sending your items via this method could also work out cheaper and time-efficient than using a removals firm, or a man in a van.

You Will Have Peace of Mind

Will be able to check the progress of your items via Pass the Parcel’s own tracking service, so you don’t need to worry about handing your items over to the driver or courier. There’s no chance of you mixing it up with someone else’s bag, or leaving it on public transport somewhere, as it will be in the hands of the professionals.

You can also take out insurance cover for additional peace of mind. While every effort is taken to ensure that your consignment is handled with care, loss or damage can occur as result of events beyond our control. For this reason, we believe the availability of specialist insurance cover is an important part of the service we are able to provide to our customers. For more information, check out our insurance page.

It Works Both Ways

Pass the Parcel is ideal, not just for sending your bags and boxes on ahead of you to university or college, but also for returning them home as well. Invariably students find they acquire more items, such as textbooks, during term time. At the end of term, your suitcases haven’t got any bigger but the amount you want to squeeze into them has gone up. Our luggage shipping service lets you send some items back home in advance.

It Solves the Problem of Bulky Items

Some courses may require large items, like musical instruments, which would be difficult to take with you on the day. Similarly, if you want to play for the university golf team, or enjoy winter sports like skiing, then these are the ideal types of items to send with Pass the Parcel. And remember you are not restricted to sending them at the beginning or end of term – you can use Pass the Parcel at any time. 

Luggage Shipping with The Moving Partnership

The Moving Partnership’s Pass the Parcel service can send your luggage via road, sea and air. All we need to know is the collection and delivery addresses, the number of items, and their sizes and approximate weights. This suitcase shipping service between the UK and destinations across the world.  If you would like to know more, follow this link .