5 top reasons for moving home to Zurich in Switzerland

Beautiful and historic Zurich is one of the most attractive places to move to, and is consistently placed near the top in quality of life surveys. Many people start a new life here for commercial reasons, as the Swiss city is a major player in the international financial markets.

There are plenty of other reasons to move here too – the healthy, outdoors lifestyle, the excellent welfare state and the stunning scenery. The Moving Partnership, who have many years of experience in helping people who are considering moving home to Switzerland, have compiled this guide to Zurich.

The Heritage of Zurich

Zurich was originally part of the Roman Empire, but there is evidence of settlements there as far back as the Neolithic and Bronze Ages.  The city was effectively self-governing for many years and it wasn’t until the 14th century that it first became part of Switzerland.

With a population of more than 400,000 people, it is the largest city in the country, although Bern is now the capital. Four out of five people work in Zurich’s financial services and banking sector, although this was not always the case. Originally the city’s wealth was founded on textiles and agriculture, and these industries needed capital to survive and grow.

Getting There and Getting Around

Zurich Airport is the largest in Switzerland, and is just a 12-minute train ride away from the city centre, where you will find a fully integrated public transport network. Your tickets will be valid on trains, trams, buses, boats and cable cars.

Most major European cities run services to the city’s main train station, or Hauptbahnhof. The major coach terminal is next to the railway station. There is no underground system, but there is a highly efficient overground S-Bahn. In summer, river buses along the Limmat River are a highly popular alternative.

The city also has a free bike hire scheme, while large numbers of people get around on roller-skates. If you are in the city centre, most of the major attractions are within walking distance.  

Main Attractions

Zurich is home to the Landesmuseum, the biggest history museum in Switzerland, and the internationally-renowned Kunsthaus art museum, which contains works by Monet, Manet, van Gogh and Picasso.

If you are looking for family-friendly outdoor fun, then Zurich zoo has around 300 different species of animals.  Lake Zurich, which lies to the south-east of the city, is lined with promenades and parks, and is popular with joggers, swimmers, sunbathers and picnickers.


The city’s main shopping area is the Bahnhofstrasse, which runs from the railway station to the head of Lake Zurich. This has most of the major brand names and department stores. If you are looking to buy something more authentically Swiss, try the Old Town area between Central and Bellevue.

Food and Drink

Zurich is famous for the three Cs – coffee, chocolate and cheese. Most people have heard of fondue cheese dip, and the first recipe came from Zurich. Another melted cheese dip, the raclette, is combined with potatoes, gherkins, onions and pickled fruit, and is another favourite in homes and restaurants across the city.

Other local specialities to try are rosti, a fried potato dish, and Geschnetzeltes, slices of veal cooked with mushrooms, cream, onions and wine. If you are eating out, make sure you have a healthy bank balance, as the cost of living in Switzerland is notoriously high, and Zurich is no exception.

The Swiss are among the biggest exporters and drinkers of coffee in the world, and there is a thriving café culture in the city.  You are just as likely to find queues outside the city’s famous chocolate shops as you are outside the top tourist attractions, as fans line up to buy the latest tasty treats.

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